Few Tips for game designing

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Few Tips for game designing

Postby Alek242 » Mon Jan 26, 2015 4:09 pm

If you want to design a game, first basic thing u want to do is to write down every detail on a paper, yes, every single detail.
what you need to write down on a paper is;
1) Menu Design
2) Music type idea
3) Characters
4) Story
5) mmo? or mp? just a rpg or just an adventure game? what game type
6) you wanna write down every idea of a level
When u start making the game after designing it, and u want your game to succeed even as solid game, you need to make your game balanced, yes it needs to be awesomely balanced, what i mean is;" you cant just put 50 flowers on 1 level, 2 or 4 is enough.
but u need to find a perfect spot for it as-well.

and than u wanna make me some coffee :arrow: :roll:

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